Monday, April 13, 2015

"A True Global Citizen": Discovering Possibilities at UNCG

by Dominique Brown

Dominique Brown is a first-year UNCG student from Raleigh, NC, double majoring in Pre-Med/Biology and Spanish, with a minor in Deaf Studies. She is a UNCG Scholar and a member of Lloyd International Honors College. She is also a Bronze Leadership Challenge participant and volunteer at the Center for New North Carolinians.

My name is Dominique Brown and I am a freshman Biology and Spanish double major.  In the future, I hope to work with a non-profit healthcare organization, providing healthcare for those in low-income countries. I hope to live my life as a true global citizen. 

Study Abroad panel presentation at the
Global Opportunities Conference,
January 2015
When I was researching colleges, one of the things that stood out to me about UNCG was its focus on global citizenship and community engagement. There were so many opportunities available! They included study abroad, Interlink, volunteering with the Center for New North Carolinians (CNNC) and many more. However, when I arrived for my first semester, I was slightly overwhelmed. I wanted to do EVERYTHING and I didn’t really know how to get involved. That’s where the Global Opportunities Conference came in. 

This past January, I joined other globally-minded students and UNCG QEP faculty to learn about specific ways to get involved with the global community here at UNCG. I listened to panels on study abroad, global undergraduate research and the Global Leadership Program. Then, I was able to talk to students who had done things that I wanted to accomplish during my college years. Through my experience at the Global Opportunities Conference, I discovered that it was indeed possible to do everything I wanted. 

Center for New North Carolinians
Main Office
Within the next month, I had started volunteering with the community center at Glen Haven through CNNC and made plans to join the Global leadership program and conduct undergraduate research. Since then, I have cultivated relationships with faculty and other students that have encouraged me in my journey to truly becoming a global citizen.

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  1. It is refreshing to see a student as focused as Dominique is so early in her college career. Dominique has set a lofty, selfless goal for herself as a medical professional serving in developing countries. I am confident that she will diligently pursue and ultimately reach her goals. I wish Dominique the best in her endeavors!

  2. It gives me great joy that Dominique has found another nurturing backdrop to further cultivate, practice and master her skills and goals. Long before her first year enrollment at UNCG, she consistently displayed the marks of a leader in her home and community. So, Dominique's pursuit to become a truly global citizen as a medical professional will translate as Ron Edmondson defines ( a great leader:

    With humility, surrendering your way when it’s not the best way
    With intentionality, continuing to learn and grow as a leader
    With compassion, considering the needs of others ahead of your own
    With integrity, never separating character from your definition of quality or success
    With passion, the ability to rally a team and articulate the path to victory
    With vision, seeing things other can’t see or are afraid to pursue
    With strength, having the discipline to follow through on commitments

    Dominique, continue your journey!